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Set Deadline and get success – Time Management 2023


Set Deadline and get success – Time Management 2023

|| Set Deadline and get success  Deadline has an important role in time management. Deadline means last deadline. In actuality, deadlines were spoken in the old times of a line drawn around a prison, beyond which prisoners were shot when they crossed or crossed the line. Nowadays, if you cross the deadline, you are not put to death, but it definitely reduces your honor and respect. So it is very important that we take the deadline seriously and understand its importance. Set Deadline and get success 

We should always think about how long we can finish a task. The simple meaning of deadline is that we should set the last date to complete our work. Setting a deadline is one of the best habits, with the help of which we can progress even faster in our life.|| Set Deadline and get success 

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How Deadline enhances our functionality:

Clear goal.



Clear goal: In life, most people are unable to do anything big and die while living a normal life, the biggest reason is that there is no clear goal in their life, they do not know what to do! Deadlines provide a clear goal, so that we can work even faster. Example: We have to finish a 150-page book within seven days. In this, we have set a deadline that no matter what happens, we have to finish a book in seven days. In this we have a clear goal, in which we have chosen a book, it can be any of your favorite books. Which you have decided to complete within a specified time-frame. Since your goal is clear, you will accomplish it very quickly or say fast. Set Deadline and get success 

|| Planning: ||

|| Planning is needed to meet the deadline. Despite having clear goals many times, we are not able to finish that work on the deadline. The big reason for this is that we do not make a plan for achieving the goal. There is a great need for planning to achieve any major goal. Example: Your goal is to finish a 150-page book in 7 days. But you understand that reading a book is not a big deal. You have to understand a lot of things, you have to know what the writer wants to say to you. You cannot say that you have read a book just by turning the page. To achieve your goal properly, you have to do the planning. Many times, as soon as we make a goal, we start to face obstacles, [Set Deadline and get success ] and we move away from that goal and our mind starts wandering for other things. We have to make a plan to meet the goal and finish the work on the deadline, without a plan we will never be able to meet our target on time. For this, you will have to make a plan, where you will have to clear everything about what time you will work. You have to look into your daily routine and see what are the obstacles that are keeping you away from your goal and what are the plans for this so that you can get closer to your goal. Set Deadline and get success ||

|| Focus:||

| Deadline does not allow our focus to waver. It keeps our mind focused so that we can think of new ways to complete it within the time limit. | Set Deadline and get success

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|| You must have felt at some time that when you are given a deadline, you are told that you have to do this work for such a long time, then every sense of your body becomes active, this causes the release of adrenaline within us Our laziness runs away. You become fully active and concentrate on your work focusing all your attention. From the deadline, we are more aware of our work, work till late at night, even if we have to sleep less, and finally, we finish that work only in time. Set a Deadline and get success 

Deadline is similar to a ferocious dog, in the normal condition, you would run 1 kilometer in 10 minutes, but imagine when a ferocious dog is running you will cover a distance of 1 kilometer in 5 minutes. This is because you will have a dog, if you do not run fast, it will bite you. Therefore, the deadline is like a dreaded one that gets us working quickly and quickly. Set a Deadline and get success 

Today, due to the deadline, big e-commerce companies are able to sell their goods very fast, remember when you did your last shopping? When there are big deals on sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra, they have a fixed time limit for all products, their deadline is that they sell millions of products in a 2-day sale, we take care of the deadline and the offers are over Buy your favorite product before it happens. Those who pay the electricity bill can understand this very well, because if the bill is not met at the right time, then the electricity of the house with a penalty can also fail. Set a Deadline and get success 

Many people feel that deadline affects the quality of work, their talk may be correct to some extent, but it is only right when you start work at the last minute. For example, a salesman has to sell 100 of his best products in a month, Set Deadline and get success but after wasting 25 days, when he is conscious and he wants to work, then he has to sell 20 products every day and it can be a very difficult task. is. And on the other hand, if he gets involved in this work from day one, then he has to sell only 3-4 products every day, which would be comparatively easy for him. Set a Deadline and get success 

We have to recognize the importance of deadlines and use it because they can increase our functionality faster.|| Set Deadline and get success 


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