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Motivation Shayari Short Inspirational Article

Motivation Shayari Short Inspirational Article

||.Motivation Shayari A person who accepts his defeat whole heartedly is not less than a winner. You should improve yourself after losing.

In every major conflict, there comes a time when one of the two struggling parties is defeated. Remember, defeat is unexpected. Every battle is fought in anticipation of victory, when despite all efforts, efforts, efforts, struggles and passion you lose.Motivation Shayari

And what to do when the front side wins? Is it best to refuse to accept the victory of the front? Is the result of conflict justified because it is not in our favor? They all have only one answer – no. Whenever a difficult situation arises, it is human to accept it.||Motivation Shayari

1.|| Man learns from defeat||Motivation Shayari

|| It is the identity of man to accept defeat with dignity. The defeated person does self-analysis with subtlety. It teaches more defeat than victory.

Defeat leads to humanity. Till yesterday, which was considered insignificant, today even its rationale starts to be understood. He does not feel embarrassed by defeat, but learns. A new perspective develops from defeat.||

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2.|| Introduce alive||Motivation Shayari

||Market fluctuations overwhelm many traders. They do not accept the immediate defeat with dignity, and take the path of escape rather than struggle. It is easy to lose, but it is not the right way. Here are those occasions when you can introduce your livelihood and believe that life will take you to the peak again.||Motivation Shayari

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Motivation Shayari

3.||Keep going||Motivation Shayari

||After the seventies, Amitabh Bachchan’s films were getting flopped and the debt on his company ABCL increased, he accepted this position with full dignity. He did the TV program ‘KBC’. Luck supported him and with hard work he again reached the top. They keep working hard in every situation.||

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4.||Always show nobility||Motivation Shayari

|| It is considered wise to lose a front in every major war, rather than losing the war. It is the work of the heroes to accept defeat. The cowardly person, instead of accepting the defeat gracefully, begins to draw all the blame. If someone has accepted the defeat with dignity, then understand that he is an internal player. You should always show nobility.||

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5.||Embrace defeat with dignity||Motivation Shayari

|| After Porus was defeated, when he came in front of Alexander, Alexander asked, “How should you treat me?” .||



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